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Transform Your Hair with Premiere

We are excited to introduce a new line of innovative products from Kerastase! Say hello to Premiere! Premiere frees hair from calcium buildup that leads to breakage and reconnects broken keratin links.

This innovative formula carefully crafted through 12 patents and over 600 tests combines citric acid and glycine. Citric acid swoops in like a superhero, eliminating calcium, the culprit behind rough, brittle hair. Glycine, on the other hand works its magic, penetrating deep into the core of the hair, repairing and reigniting each strand from within.

The results? A hair transformation like no other! Imagine 99% of your hair's original strength, rebuilt, leaving it not just strong, but resilient. Experience a remarkable 4x increase in shine and 7x smoother hair. Breakage? A thing of the past, with a staggering 95% less breakage.

Say hello to hair that defies damage and truly transforms it. Premiere - where science meets beauty and every strand tells a tale of renewal! Talk with your Stylist about which products are right for you.

Kerastase Premierę Haircare

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